Hello everyone this is Hayley from the Bomb Babe Squad bringing you some bomb babe love all the way from Mermaidmoonchild! Now everyone I know has been snuggling down with a piece of cake on a Tuesday night and watching The Great British Bake Off. It has made us laugh, cry and had us all on the edge of our sofa’s! Today I am going to be doing a bake off inspired blog post for The Bomb Blog, but with a little twist this post isn’t a instructions on how to bake the perfect cake, its instructions on how to indulge yourself in a cake cocktail inspired bath!

What You Will Need:

How to create the most relaxing cake bath cocktail:

Step One:

First of all you are going to need to run yourself a deep warm bath an hour or so before bake off comes on, so it gets you not only relaxed but in the mood for cake like goodness! Once you have your bath to your liking set the mood by dimming those lights and ignite the Red Velvet Candle from Bomb Cosmetics and engross yourself in the deliciously goodness that is red velvet cake!

Step Two:

Once the ambience in the room is just right you need to shut the world out for the best relaxation as possible! Put your phone down, close the door and let your worries soak away in the bath. To make your skin extra silky soft pop in a Bomb Cosmetics Cherry Bathe Well Bath Blaster! This bath blaster is literally like cake but in bath bomb form!


Step Three:

Since this is a bath cocktail and bake off really is the time to indulge yourself in everything sweet and naughty to eat, why not add a sprinkle of candy-coated Bake It Easy Bath Mallow to your bath to make the waters rich and soft! This bath mallow won’t leave you with tooth ache that’s for sure!

Step Four ( but also optional ):

When it comes to this bath cocktail you don’t have to follow the instructions closely like they do on bake off – sometimes it’s nice to add your own touch to things, like for example adding a dash of Exceedingly Good Shower Gel under the running tap to create mounds of bubbles is always a great call! Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath after all!


Step Five:

Now you have run your deliciously themed bake off bath, it’s time to hop in and have pure tranquillity as you wash away your worries with this pleasant Exceedingly Good Shower Gel. This shower gel is light on the skin but leaves your skin feeling nourished and smooth.


Step Six:

And relaxxxxx! This is my Favourite part, like when you have baked yourself a cake and get to try it! Relaxing and sitting in the bath soaking up all the benefits from all the goodies in the water and forgetting about the world for a little while is pure bliss!

Step Seven:

The final step is to hop out the bath and moisturise! Like all the other products haven’t already made your skin incredibly soft, this final step is an added extra you won’t want to miss out on – think of it as the icing on the cake. Did you know massage bars make incredible moisturisers? Well you do now! We are pretty much in the height of Autumn/Winter and our skin needs TLC now more than ever. This Chocolate Therapy Massage Bar does the trick, whilst leaving your skin incredibly velvety soft whilst leaving a gorgeous chocolate scent that lasts.

That’s it the key to the perfect bake off inspired bath cocktail, I suggest having this bath on a cold crisp evening then hopping out popping the kettle on and settling down with a cuppa to watch the bake off final! This has been Mermaidmoonchild I hope you enjoyed my little guest post!