Pucker up ma darlings and give me your best pout!

We’ve previously covered your skincare routine and how to adapt it to the new season. But this week we are going to focus on making our lips as luscious as possible!

Our lips play an important role in our lives, in fact, they are constantly in use! Whether we are speaking, pulling a duck face for a photo or sharing a cheeky kiss – our lips are always on the go.

I’ve put together this important lip guide so all of you Bomb Babes can find a lip balm suitable for you, and then you can kiss those flaky lips goodbye!

L – Lip Balms

I – Intense Lip Treatments

P – Pout with Confidence

S – Sugar Scrubs

Lip Balms

Each Lip Balm has been carefully created with top flavours and ingredients to ensure your lips are left feeling luscious after ever use!

We have highly hydrating lip balms that last for hours on your lips, such as Appley Ever After. A moisturising blend of fruity apple and spiced with a touch of almond so your lips will live appley ever after!

Lip Treatments

If you find your lips are prone to getting flaky and dry, I’d recommend one of our lip treatments! We have a range of flavours for you to try: Cherry Blossom, Coco Kisses, Honey Pear, Strawberry Daiquiri & What a Melon.

My personal favourite for a night out would have to be Strawberry Daiquiri. A buttery cocktail of strawberries with a naughty twist to lock moisture into your lips and keep them smooth for the night!

If you are just going about your day to day business I’d pick Coco Kisses! It blends coconut with creamy vanilla to create an intense lip treatment, so perfect for all year round.

Lip Scrubs

We exfoliate our body and our faces but what about our lips?! Lips need just as much lovin’ and it’s important that you scrub your lips at least once a week for maximum results.

A popular lip scrub is our Sherbet Lemon! A classic sweetshop favourite, sherbet lemon oozes zestiness with sweet and sharp notes in this gentle scrub to exfoliate your lips! After just a few uses we guarantee you’ll really notice a difference.

Pout with Confidence

Don’t be shy about your lips! If someone whips that camera out, grab one of our tinted lip balms, apply, and pout!

Spiced Cranberry Lip Tint has a hint of pink to make you wink! A subtle shade that also locks in moisture. The perfect go to product if you don’t fancy lipstick, but your lips need a touch of colour.

If you need any recommendations or advice on which lip balm would be suitable for you, pop us an email at publicrelations@bombcosmetics.co.uk

Until next Wednesday!